Yoni Massage

We cater to both women as well as men. Keeping the women’s interest in mind, we have started the yoni massage.  Yoni Massage is the massaging of the female sacred part. In Sanskrit vagina is called yoni.  Women too like to be pampered and cared for once in a while. Mostly it is the woman, who tends to the needs of the entire family all the time. Sometimes she too needs to be let off the hook and a sensual massage like the yoni massage is the best solution.

We understand that vagina is the place where a new life takes place and we treat it with utmost care.  Everybody wants to get an orgasm during sexual intercourse, but teaching you the technique to achieve one is only a small part of the yoni massage. It is all about the woman reconnecting with her whole sexuality.

Man is an emotional being. Hence, a lot of stress and tensions tend to be hidden in his or her genitals. So when they get a release from these things, they start appreciating life better and yoni massage works in this regard. Yoni massage works on your erogenous zones and helps you to get a release. This release is very much required now and then to perform well at work too.

Just as a prostate massage caters to servicing the prostate gland of a man, which is his g-spot, similarly a yoni massage caters to the g-spot of a woman, which is her vagina. We love women as much as men, hence we have both sexes of masseuses, obviously a yoni massage is done by a male masseuse and he’ll take good care of you and your private parts and pamper you to the fullest. You will feel like a princess in his manly hands and will love his voice, as all our sensual London masseuses are polite and gentle, similar to their massaging skills.

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