Tantra Massage

At Exciting massage you will find that all of our masseuses are experts in the art of tantra massage therapy. For clients that have not tried this form of therapy and are wondering what it is then tantra massage is a technique originally from India and is basically a set of ancient principles that uses massage to combine effects in body, mind and spirit.

Tantra massage basically uses the sexual energy that is created in the process of an erotic massage to achieve a higher state than one could otherwise experience.  You will find that skilled and qualified tantra masseuses have the ability to through delicate strokes and touches on the naked body to really awaken the tantra energy fields which one needs to really release the physical and mental problems inside the body to achieve a calm, free and relaxed state in both body, mind and spirit.

This is one of the reasons that we would always recommend only skilled and qualified tantra masseuses in order to get an authentic massage with this technique.


Booking your Tantra massage in London

During this process our London tantric masseuses will guide you through from the beginning of the session and can also assist you with tantra breathing techniques which can be a great way to help control during the session. Many clients find that tantric techniques such as the breathing exercises can also be very useful within relationships and have also been shown to be a very good way to prolong one’s sexual experience within a relationship as well.

The benefits of tantra massage in London are many and varied from helping to relax and unwind and clear you mind to also achieving quite a degree of sexual pleasure and understanding of one’s sexual self. One people really start to learn and understand the principles of tantric teaching it really can be very useful in many areas of life.

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