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The blonde lay there in the dirt, shaking at the terror of what Ivy would do to her, remembering the same fear that she had whenever The Joker would punish her.

She is left to wallow in defeat. Curvy naked models. Choose Your Own Smut-venture! Harley licked it up freely as Ivy climaxed, a soft moan escaping her lips as she pushed Harley away, letting her lie in the both her and Ivy's bodily fluids as the redhead pulled her underwear back on, and resumed to walk away, as if nothing had happened.

Top of Work Index. The henchman lubes up her puffy little pussy and thrusts his cock into her as the playful Harley Quinn looms over her taunting her.

DC Comics Bombshells The Apartment by binahlance Fandoms: No longer calling these imagines since they have the option of being continued. Harley quinn lesbian sex. It's been almost 6 months since you officially joined the 'Bat Family'. With Harley's hands binded, Ivy's moved to her breasts, fondling them as she pleased. Placing her hands on Ivy's legs, and working her way up slowly to her waist, Quinn slowly caught her breath, before slowly pulling down Red's lacy green underwear, revealing Ivy's shaven green pussy, dripping wet, and waiting to be claimed.

Holing up with her best friend, Harley Quinn, to wait it out, she fails to realize that Harley is also vulnerable to the overwhelming aura of sexuality that surrounds her. You've been with the Joker and Harley for over a year and you've settled into their elaborate lifestyle perfectly.

It was roughly the size and shape of a man, sprawled in an unnatural position. The henchman nuts inside of her, his cum bubbles up out of her cunt. Just In All Stories: You May Also Like On the bed she sees the source of the arousing moans. Wife and maid lesbian. Ivy paused, and turned her head slightly. Soon, she is all over Ivy like green on grass. Wonder Girl looks her over in impulsive lust and caresses her breasts as she bends over to kiss her enemy.

Harley didn't move for what felt like an eternity, eventually raising her head to see Ivy staring intently between her legs. The Joke by Koensigg Fandoms: The pleased Harley Quinn finally lets a smirk cross her lips as the two take Robin away. Also, so many freaking heroes are queer. Remember Me Forgot password? Heavy sexual content intended for mature audiences. The thickest vine pumped faster and faster, destroying the blondes insides.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Harley watched as she walked away, trying and failing to stand after what just occurred, eager to follow her new mistress. Vanessa lengies nude pics. Soon overcum with her sexy urges her arms and legs begin moving out of instinct to the siren laying on the bed before her.

They are planning their biggest joke on Batman yet, and it involves you, purple hair dye, a dog collar and a whole lot of electroshock therapy. Most of our staff is at A-Camp this week but we'll still have lots of fun content for you! To finish her off, Harley Quinn puts the enamored Wonder Girl on top and continues to fuck her as Wonder Girl is paralyzed by orgasms.

Harley may be immune to her plant-based poisons, but no girl is immune to the vibrating power of a Hitachi wand! Hopefully this is a good sign for the upcoming Harley Quinn movie that Margot Robbie is producing and starring in. Poison Ivy shakes the bed as she shudders in carnal joy.

Celebrity Dreams by retrolily Fandoms: Remember Me Forgot password? The pleased Harley Quinn finally lets a smirk cross her lips as the two take Robin away. She pulls the straps tight as Wonder Girl willingly extends her ass towards the waiting rubber rod.

You were seven when you found out your Father was Batman.

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You were seven, shaking and scared, when your rescuer took his mask off and revealed his identity to you. Harley quinn lesbian sex. Like what you see Quinn? Harley is purring like a compliant little lesbian sex slave now. Not on the pages of an actual real universe DC Comic. Wonder Girl takes her foot and lovingly begins kissing it, wrapping her lips around each toe individually. Sexy anime girls together. Harley and Ivy kissing in Injustice: Unwanted protection by MeganH16 Fandoms: She was surrounded by the things she loved most, the redhead looked down at Harley, her hands running along her pigtails and lightly pulling them, before pushing the blondes head forwards as she released her sweet nectar.

Ivy continued to avoid eye contact, glancing at her nails as she strolled slowly forwards, her legs gliding gently beside one-another, looking irresistible.

So you like what you see? Harley laughed as she spat through her headset at Cobblepot, feeling empowered with her victory on her mission to save Poison Ivy. Two more vines sprung free as Ivy controlled them to spread Harley's legs apart, wider and wider until her screams turned into low moans of defeat.

Ivy frees her from her restraints and lies on her back.

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She commands her new thrall to lick her pussy. Laying her back, Harley Quinn slides into Wonder Girl. Art by Chad Hardin, colors by Alex Sinclair. Naked women hd. Robin awakes laying stretched on a rack as the evil Harley Quinn stands over her taunting. Harley took two steps back, her eyes darting from side to side as she tried to calm herself.

If she continues her relationship with Ivy on the pages of her comic, that means that one of the most popular DC characters will regularly be kissing another woman. Smutty writing with plot, a good dose of violence, puns, and general clownish behaviour.

You were seven, shaking and scared, when your rescuer took his mask off and revealed his identity to you. Next door neighbour milf But this is important. She pulls down her top, exposing her tits.

This kiss has been a long time coming. Like what you see Quinn? The thickest vine pumped faster and faster, destroying the blondes insides. Harley quinn lesbian sex. Until you first meet the King and Queen of Crime themselves.

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