Nuru Massage London

The word nuru means ‘body slider’. This is a Japanese form of massage. In this kind of massage, the masseuse slides and glides her entire body over yours’ and gives you the most erotic and sensuous form of massage in the entire world. It is performed with a special gel made of sea-weed, which helps in the sliding of both bodies.

This sea-weed oil is warmed and then applied onto the client’s body. It’s tasteless and colourless, but what matters is its properties.  It helps in the easy sliding movement of the body. Nuru massage is known to have a lot of health benefits too along with being erotic.

Nuru massage is one of the most sensuous massage in the world. More and more people are asking for this kind of massage, as this gel can be removed from the body easily too. Other sensual massages use aromatic oils, which are difficult to be washed off, that is the specialty of this massage. In spite of that, there is no compromise on the sliding and gliding feature of the massage.

Once at least, you must go in for a nuru massage London at our center, as then only you’ll be able to understand how sensuous and erotic this massage is. It relieves you of your muscle aches and pains too. Nuru massage Chelsea is quite popular around here and everybody these days is asking for one.

Don’t worry, our masseuses never rush you into anything, first they’ll soothe you with some breathing exercise and then only proceed further.  If required and if they find you’re extra nervous than their other customers they’ll be ready to spend some time conversing with you too. They can read their customers minds very easily due to their vast years of experience and all our goddesses are quite experienced at Nuru massage London which is a full body massage experience.  You are bound to have a wonderful time here!

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